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National University College Transfer System Application

National University College Transfer 2022 notice & application has been decaled by authority. The National University has a college transfer application process that allows students to transfer their college. The National University has published the application for transfer of college to

Many times National University students have to switch from one college to another. In a notification published on the website of the National University, the university authorities have published the rules for clearance / change of college. You want to know more new about national university visit here

A notification has been published on the National University’s website with new terms, conditions, application process and transfer instructions to the college.

National University College Transfer 2022

Students enrolled in national universities want to change colleges after admission. Therefore, the National University has published the notification of college transfer. Students will now be able to transfer to their college by following the instructions below and fulfilling certain terms and conditions.

National University College Transfer 2022

National University College Transfer Eligibility

To be eligible for college transfer, students studying under the National University must complete at least one uninterrupted academic year in Honors / Degree in a college and not more than two academic years.

After passing the 1st year of graduation, students will be able to apply for clearance from government colleges to government and private colleges and from private colleges to private colleges but will not be able to apply for clearance from private colleges to government colleges.

NU College Transfer Application Process

If students qualify and meet the terms and conditions, students will be able to apply through the Student Login through the National University’s official website Students must complete all procedures to complete the transfer application. There are a total of four processes that they need to complete.

Firstly, the applicants have to register through the website of the National University, secondly they have to apply for change of college, thirdly they have to pay the application processing fee and fourthly they have to get the approval of both the National University and College authorities.

How to Apply for NU College Transfer?

You want to apply for a college transfer, students must first create an account in the NU Student Services section of the National University website.

National University Student Registration System

First you have to go to the National University official website and there in the service section and go to the student login option or follow below the instruction..

  1. First Visit-
  2. Click on Student Registration for registered yourself.
  3. It will show your information. If it’s correct, click proceed
  4. Input your Information [Course, Session, Registration Number/ Admission Roll]
  5. Click Registration Button

After completing the registration process, you will need to complete the college transfer registration process. To complete the registration process:

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