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The 18th NTRCA MCQ Exam Result 2024, which took place on March 15, 2024, is eagerly anticipated. The MCQ results are expected to be released in May 2024. NTRCA announced the 18th teacher registration notification on November 2, 2023, attracting around 1865,0000 lakh job seekers. The preliminary examination for the 18th teacher registration was conducted on March 15, with the secretary mentioning that the results might be published in May. If you are one of the numerous candidates, get ready to check your NTRCA MCQ Exam Result 2024 for the 18th NTRCA Preliminary Exam 2024.

18th NTRCA MCQ Exam Result 2024

The NTRCA Merit list is compiled through a comprehensive Three-phase Examination process. The initial phase consists of the NTRCA MCQ exam, which encompasses the Preliminary test, Written exam, and ultimately the Viva or oral test. Each stage of the examination is meticulously crafted to identify the most qualified individuals who are capable of shouldering the responsibilities of a teacher. However, this article aims to provide information on the publication date of the NTRCA MCQ Exam Result for the year 2024, as well as guidance on how to check the NTRCA Exam Result 2024 and the subsequent steps to be taken after obtaining the result.

18th NTRCA MCQ Exam Result published Date 2024

The 18th NTRCA Preliminary examination has been successfully conducted according to the predetermined schedule, and the results are anticipated to be disclosed in May 2024. The specific dates and comprehensive information will be accessible on the official NTRCA portal.

It is crucial to note that the NTRCA MCQ Exam Result 2024 will present new opportunities in the educational sector for aspiring candidates. The NTRCA Merit list is meticulously crafted through a three-phase evaluation process: Preliminary (MCQ), Written Exam, and Viva (oral test), ensuring that only the most competent individuals secure teaching positions.

Whether you are an experienced educator or a novice in the field, passing this examination will undoubtedly bring you closer to attaining a prestigious teaching role. Nevertheless, it is essential to acknowledge that only a limited number of candidates successfully navigate through the MCQ test and written exam, with even fewer emerging as the final selections.

Candidates can conveniently access the NTRCA MCQ exam results through the official websites. The primary official site (http://ntrca.teletalk.com.bd/) may furnish a downloadable PDF results list for the year 2024. For personalized results, candidates are advised to visit ntrca.teletalk.com.bd and input their Examination roll number to retrieve individual outcomes.

    How to Check the NTRCA MCQ Exam Result 2024

    To confirm the NTRCA MCQ Exam Result 2024, individuals can easily do so by visiting the approved website ntrca.teletalk.com.bd. For a quick and efficient retrieval of your results, we have provided a comprehensive guide to assist you throughout the procedure. The first step involves accessing the official NTRCA result portal, which serves as the designated platform for result announcement and verification by examination candidates. Once on the site, navigate to the section dedicated to the 18th NTRCA Exam (Preliminary)

    1. Visit the official NTRCA website
    2. Enter your roll number in required the field.
    3. Select the Dropdown list 18th NTRCA Exam (Preliminary).
    4. Click on the ‘Submit’ button to check results.
    18th NTRCA MCQ Exam Result 2024

    After checking your results, make sure to adequately prepare yourself for the upcoming Examination. If you have successfully passed, congratulations on your achievement! You are now equipped to start preparing for the written exam.

    How to get 18th NTRCA Results

    There are many candidates who have the most common question of how to get the 18th NTRCA result in 2023 fast and quickly. NTRCA results are published in two ways one way online and then another way via mobile sms. You can get quickly your result via mobile sms way. when published the 18th NTRCA Preliminary Results you will get an SMS instant automatically by the authority of NTRCA then send mobile sms to every candidate. So don’t worry about how to get the NTCRA result.

    Search Result

    if you are selected for the written examination. So don’t worry, if you do not get any sms you can get your results online using your user id and password which are provided to you by NTRCA and also you can see your results list as a pdf file, or Download the NTRCA Results PDF file. So see below how to get your NTRCA Results Online

    18th NTRCA Circular 2023

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